5 Reasons To Keep Moving During Uncertain Times

With gyms closing their doors for the time being and most of us choosing not to renew our memberships, it’s easy to fall into the trap of not moving. However, there’s never been a better time to keep moving, and here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Elevate your mood and boost mental fortitude – When you exercise, the body releases a chemical called endorphins that interact with the receptors in your brain that produce positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain and anxiety. It can also increase the brain’s sensitivity to hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which relieve feelings of depression and stress – boosting your mental fortitude.
  2. Boost immunity and keep your health in check – A study conducted by the University of Bath found that regular exercise can help the immune system function better. Regular exercise has also shown to improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular fitness and body composition while decreasing blood pressure levels.
  3. Strengthen your bones – A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School found that as women age, there is an accelerated bone loss as the ovaries stop creating estrogen that can cause our bones to get brittle and break easily. You can reduce this age-related bone loss by exercise programs targeted at improving bone density such as weight based, resistance and stretching exercises.
  4. Improves skin health – Regular exercise can increase your body’s production of natural antioxidants and improves blood flow, which help protect your skin cells and delay the signs of ageing.  
  5. Improves sleep quality – A study by the Oregon State University found 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a week resulted in a 65% improvement in sleep quality and makes you feel more energized during the day.  

While some of these might be stating the obvious, our mind has a funny way of telling us otherwise when dealing with change. Here are 4 ways to get you started:

  • Make it competitive – A recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania found healthy competition motivates people in an online social network to exercise more than friendly support. So whether you’re striving to make your step count for the day or doing a fitness challenge with a friend- measure your progress to your goals and aim to do slightly more the next day – making it a habit by competing against your daily record.
  • Find an online program that works for you – There’s a plethora of choices available to you now with most gyms/trainers offering a digital training experience ranging from pilates, yoga to high intensity programs.
  • Be flexible and make time for yourself – You might have the best intentions but life does come in the way at times, plan ahead and block some time for exercise throughout the week. The days you’re running short on time could use a 4 minutes Tabata session which will give you a spike in your heart rate to keep you going all day.
  • New activewear – A study done by the Northwestern University coined the term ‘enclothed cognition’ that found the clothes we wear can influence the way we feel and even behave. What you wear can subconsciously change how you act.

Here’s a great set of at home exercises to get you started – no equipment required, just your most comfy active wear and a sofa for support.


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