Meet Christina Faraonio, the woman behind 1Ō8 SPORTIF

Shifting from Fast Fashion to Sustainable Fashion is one of the most impactful ways we can transform the world today. 

1Ō8 SPORTIF has a clear compass: we want to create garments that make our lives and our future better. But who’s the spark behind the brand?

Meet the founder, Christina Faraonio!

What's the inspiration behind 1Ō8 SPORTIF as a luxury sustainable activewear brand?

I’ve always been in love with both fashion and fitness. Being constantly on the move meant I needed elegant, high-quality pieces I could wear throughout my day - but I struggled to find them. That made me wonder, ‘What if I create them myself?’.

Before I started my journey in slow fashion, in 2010, I studied Fashion Design & Technology in the Gold Coast and went on to work as a fashion and beauty buyer. Whilst working as a fashion buyer, I was saddened to see how trend driven the fashion industry was and how fast styles changed from one season to another, contributing to enormous waste. 

In 2018, I finally had the courage to go out on my own and work on my dream: 1Ō8 SPORTIF, sustainable activewear that’s ethical, season-less, and designed to last.

My mission is to elevate the active wardrobe and create luxury activewear pieces that make women feel amazing without compromising on performance, style, and sustainability.

What’s your creative outlet besides slow fashion?

I’m quite an outdoorsy person. I love going on beach runs and long treks with my dog as well as practising yoga -  you could say activewear is my everyday attire! 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My husband once told me, ‘go slow to go fast,’ and I couldn’t agree more. Patience and resilience are key to building something that lasts, especially when it comes to sustainable activewear. 

What drives you to create ethical and sustainable fashion?

The more I learn about the adverse impact of fast fashion on our environment, the more I want to offset that. As a young brand, 1Ō8 SPORTIF is working to set a new benchmark for sustainable fashion in the world.  

Of course, swimming against the tide is never easy. But knowing that I can have a tangible impact in building a more sustainable future is my driving force. 

What are your ethical fashion priorities?

The 1Ō8 SPORTIF approach is rooted in a ‘buy less, buy better’ philosophy. We focus on 3 crucial pillars that make all the difference in a sustainable brand:

  1.   Manufacturing - what goes into making sustainable activewear?

As a young brand, we’re extremely well positioned to start with sustainability at the core of everything we do. We partnered with Aquafil last year, to use their ECONYL® yarn that goes into creating our garments. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from abandoned fishing nets, fabric scraps and other ocean waste. 

While it has the same properties as virgin nylon and can be recycled infinitely, it reduces the global warming impact by 90% compared to the nylon created from oil.

  1.   Shipping - how do your garments travel to you?

While we still can’t control upstream shipping from our suppliers, we’re aligned with partners that share our sustainability ethos. However, we can control our downstream shipping to you!

 We’ve partnered with DHL Express and their GoGreen initiative, which makes international shipments carbon neutral. How it works: DHL calculates CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions involved in your shipment, then offsets them with carbon credits from recognised climate protection projects that reduce atmospheric CO2.

  1.   People - what are ethical fashion working conditions?

Ensuring the people who create our garments are safe and have a good working environment is paramount to us. After months of searching, we found the right setup in Bali, Indonesia. Employees receive full healthcare coverage for themselves and their families, pension insurance, daily fresh-cooked meals, salaries well above minimum wages, and conditions on par with Western labour standards. 

What was the inspiration behind La Femme en Noir Capsule 01?

Our Capsule 01 celebrates the female form, with a Parisian sensibility and an eye on couture details. Its name, La Femme en Noir, translates to ‘the woman in black’ in French, where we took inspiration for our monochrome palette and corset detailing. 

As a sustainable Australian brand, we focus on longevity and essential investment pieces to elevate your active clothing. This collection’s classic, timeless cuts will stay with you as a solid capsule wardrobe for years to come. And the resilient ECONYL® fabric ensures both longevity and infinite recycling.

If you could only wear one piece from your collection, what would it be and why? 

It would have to be the Chloè Corset Bra- I love that it’s so feminine and versatile. At home, I live in it nonstop, as it’s so supportive and comfortable. It’s also my go-to outfit for a night out - paired with a blazer, high waisted jeans, and heels. 

What’s next for 1Ō8 SPORTIF?

I’m extremely excited about the launch of Capsule 02, which will build on the foundation we created in Capsule 01, which is set to release next month. Without revealing too much, we’re also excited to release the next phase of our brand's journey… Stay tuned!

The new year presents some exciting opportunities, and the potential of new partnerships. As each new year rolls around we regroup our focus on continuing to improve across the board; we review where we can do better and how. But the one thing that remains constant, is our focus on keeping our community at the centre of everything we do and listening to their valuable feedback. 

Christina Faraonio, 1Ō8 SPORTIF Founder




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